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[x] My most sincere apology. I had to take down my MYth titles from lulu shop again after the evidence of recurring print defect submitted from buyer. I thought they were good to go but I was fooled by one batch of perfect proof copies. I'm still trying to get the staff to issue handled properly. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for you patience.

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[x] Inkblazers is closing down after January.
(See my DA journal if you want to read about my thoughts on that)
I recently took down all MYth titles from my lulu shop due to their unstable print quality issue and directed everyone to Inkblazers for MYth books, but now I no longer have Inkblazers help manage my book sales. So, unfortunately other titles won't be available for an uncertain amount of time. I'll see if lulu can reclaim their reputation by orderimg some test copies from them. Please look forward to an update on that.

Currently I only have the limited editions of Will and Distillation. They are available for purchase at my storenvy.

Sunny is available as kindle edition e-book on

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-Attending Anime Expo's Artist Alley!

-Another year is almost gone. MYth A.D. 2012 calendar "Between Us" is now available at It consist of 12 original digital paintings of characters from MYth comic. Check it out at Zelda's Bookshop

-AX Artist Alley was a great experience this year. Zelda sincerely thank you for all the support and encouragement. Since there were people interested in buying the 5x7 MYth character print sets but couldn't becuase they were sold out, I'm now matching the print shop pricing to AX artist alley until the end of July. Please visit shop for more detail.

-Now proceed to work on MYth: A Promise II.

-Zelda will be at Anime Expo 2011 in L.A. Artist Alley Table B59. See Artist Alley Table Layout and Print Catalog

About Anime Expo

-Fist Print Limited Edition of MYth: A Promise I is now available for pre-order: MYth: A Promise Pre-order INFO

-Standard Print Edition of MYth: MY Seasons and MYth: Eternal Gift are now available here: Zelda's Book Shop

-Done several small revisions including the links below so you can find me at other places online. ^__^

- I will be having a table at this year's Anime Expo artist alley. Please visit my DeviantArt Journal for updates.
- Things sold at artist alley: Eternal Gift comic / MYth A.D. 2011 Flower Calendar / prints / keychains / etc...
- The third story from MYth is now being posted on Smackjeeves. click here to read MYth: A Promise

- My second self-published short comic, "MYth: Eternal Gift" is now available for online order. Visit "MYth" for more information.

- [MYth: Eternal Gift] My new graphic novel is now in production. It is another short story like "MYth: My Seasons". It is viewable here: MYth

-I will be graduating this May with BFA in Illustration and Animation~ ^__^
- My animation class has a blog: CSUF Animation. I am working on the short film "Gwyllgi" as an effects animator and inbetweener. It's my first time animating various effects such as smoke, water, etc. It's a great experience!

- My original project MADAM is now a web-comic: READ MADAM

- Illustration section has been updated.
- Guestbook has been added : )
- my very first self-published graphic novel, MYth: My Season is still available. Visit this page for more information on how to order: LINK

Please check this out!
My entire sequential art class is doing a really cool project on Hercules (Herakles) and his 12 labors. Please go to the official blog:
Hercules Graphic Novel

my short comic "Moonless" has been published
by TokyoPop,the anthology Rising Stars of Manga vol. 8.
Click here if you are interested: LINK

My very first self-published graphic novel,
MYth: My Seasons , will be available for pre-order
for more information see this page: LINK

PROJECTS: MADAM short animation, "Potion of Red"

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